UNEP/GRID-Sioux Falls
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Data Distribution Policy

Don't Duck Metadata

Most of the UNEP/GRID data sets are freely available for download by users via the Internet. UNEP/GRID does not place any restrictions on the use of this data, but does request that users cite UNEP/GRID (and any other sources mentioned in documentation of the data provided) as data furnisher(s). For data sets not available 'on-line', requests made by non-commercial and non-private persons (i.e. those with no affiliation) will be filled at no cost, but will depend on data availability, UNEP/GRID workload and the nature of the data set being requested. Requests will be queued with priority given to those related to joint activities with UNEP programme areas and other UN agencies. Data sets with a "restricted access" rating will not be distributed; however, information about such data sets, including the distributor's name, will be sent to eligible organisations upon request.

Users of data sets supplied through UNEP/GRID are requested to incorporate in output products and reports acknowledgements to the originator of the data and to the fact that they were acquired through UNEP/GRID. Appropriate wording may be "UNESCO (1987) through UNEP/GRID-Sioux Falls".

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