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Environmental Aspects of the African Great Lakes Region

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This Web site is supported by the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Prof. Sandra T. Barnes, Director.

East African Research Sites
The primates featured in the African Primates at Home home page were photographed/recorded by M.K. Holder during the course of field research in Rwanda, Uganda, and Zaire. All research is made possible only with permissions from the governments of host countries and is conducted in cooperation with respective parks management personnel.

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Greater Horn Information Exchange
The Greater Horn of Africa Initiative is a U.S. Presidential foreign policy initiative launched in 1994 in order to address the recurring cycle of crisis, instability and famine in the Greater Horn of Africa region by improving food security and through the establishment of a system for conflict early warning, prevention and response.

Great Lakes Crisis
The latest news from ReliefWeb

Great Lakes Maps
Maps of the Great Lakes from ReliefWeb

Mountain Gorilla Protection
The Mountain Gorilla Protection Project is a collaboration between H. Dieter Steklis of the Diana Fossey Gorilla Fund (D.F.G.F.) and Dr. Scott Madry from the Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis located in Rutgers University. The purpose of this project is to provide a digitized database of the mountain gorilla habitat. The database will include layers of information that contain vegetation patterns, gorilla ranging and human use of gorilla habitat.

United Nations Mission in the Great Lakes Region

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