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A.3. Attribute item definitions

Polygon Attribute Table
Position Item Description
17 SQKM Area of the polygon
21 ADMSQKM Area of the admin unit (sum of SQKM)
25 CODE L-Land, IS-Island, IW-Inland Waterbody
28 ADMINID Administrative Unit ID (see below)
32 COUNTRY 3-Letter ISO Country ID
35 NAME1 Name of first subnational level unit
60 NAME2 Name of second subnational level unit ('N.A.' if not available)
85 NAME3 Name of third subnational level unit ('N.A.' if not available)
110 NAME4 Name of fourth subnational level unit ('N.A.' if not available)
135 NAME5 Name of fifth subnational level unit ('N.A.' if not available)
160 DEMOFLAG 1 for the major polygon belonging to the admin unit, 0 elsewhere (see below)
162 P60 Total estimated population 1960
166 P70 Total estimated population 1970
170 P80 Total estimated population 1980
174 P90 Total estimated population 1990
180 P00 Total estimated population 2000
Arc Attribute Table
29 FEATURE 0 - International Boundary
1 - Boundary of first level unit
2 - Boundary of second level unit
3 - Boundary of third level unit
9 - Boundary with "outside polygon"

ADMINID - consisting of
3-digit UN country code + 2-digit first level unit code + 2-digit second level unit code + 2-digit third level unit code + 2-digit fourth level unit code + 2-digit fifth level unit code.

To produce the subnational code, the administrative units were (a) sequentially numbered based on a list of administrativeunits in an official census publication if available, or (b) alphabetically ordered otherwise.

DEMOFLAG - indicates the major (i.e., biggest) polygon in cases where an administrative unit consists of more than one polygon. For all polygons belonging to the same unit, the full attribute information is replicated in the data table. Therefore, for any frequency table construction or summary statistics calculation, one needs to select the polygons with a FLAG value of one first to avoid double counting.

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